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Update of documents of old families

If you are a former beneficiary family and you have the quota enabled for the following year at the Levántate y Anda Foundation, no later than April of the following year, you must approach the institution and submit all the following updated documents:

  • Salary certificate

  • medical certificate

  • School certificate

  • Certificate affiliation to EPS

Please note  the following

  • If you have changed EPS, please renew the EPS certification

  • In case you have changed your home, renew the photocopy of the public receipt

  • In case your child has renewed the identity document, please leave the updated photocopy of it

The parent and/or guardian can request their peace and safe as a requirement for the following year, once they make the payment of the corresponding contributions.

In case of withdrawal of a beneficiary

Fill out the format in case of withdrawal by the parent and/or guardian


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