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Enrollment and quota requests

Below you will find the step by step to request a place and complete the registration process in the Levántate y Anda Foundation for children between 5 and 14 years old.

Quota application for applicant families
Step 1​: If you wish to request a quota, please click  on the following button.

Once the quota is requested, we will take the basic data and ask the reason why it is requested, if there is, a quota is assigned according to the order of the request, in case there is no availability, it is left on hold.

Step 2: Once the form is completed, telephone contact is made with the family to conduct an interview by the coordination area.

Step 2.1:  In the event that the quota request is approved by the coordination area and the psychosocial area together, we invite you below to fill out the program registration form.

Step 2.2:    Once the registration is done, a home visit will be scheduled by a social worker, remember that he will evaluate the socio-economic conditions in the your family is and will corroborate the information recorded on the registration form.

Please note the following:

-Old families can have a follow-up visit or change of housing during the year. In the meantime, we appreciate filling out the following link to learn about your socio-economic reality in advance.

Step 3:    By being part of the Foundation, you undertake to fully read the coexistence manual, which establishes the rights, commitments and fundamental duties of all the members of the Fundación Levántate y Anda.

Step 4:    Remember that after registering, you have a month to approach the Foundation and deliver the requested documentation physically to the area of coordination in a complete manner, during the schedule shown below:

Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Requested documents:

-Photocopy of the guardian's document

-Photocopy of the child's document

-Salary certificate

-Medical certification

-School certification

-EPS certification

-Photocopy of a public receipt

These documents are kept in an individual folder together with the beneficiary's conduct observer. When the minor withdraws, the guardian can request the documentation, otherwise it is kept on file for up to three years.

Step 5: To learn a little more about your family, the psychosocial area invites you to fill out the form below.

Step 6:  Remember that it is a requirement that parents enroll in one of the parent school themes (these themes change every year)

Then choose one of the topics in which you would like to participate in the school for parents during the year

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